Big LEDs: Final Installation Design

            My proposal for the LED Installation for an event stairwell is as follows.

1.     Have LED tape run along the lengths of each cut in hand rail (33.9175’ x 2)

a.     These lights will have linear movement in the direction the people walk when they go down the stairs.

b.     Color would be a variation of this palette:

2.     There will also be lights along the base of each stair, directed towards the bottom of the staircase (7’-9’’ x 24 strips).

a.     These lights will have various color gradient patterns running and the gradient will change react depending on the whether there is a person in their proximity or not.

3.     Along the middle landing I propose two additional strips, on the floor, running parallel to the direction the person will be walking.

a.     These strips will match the color patterns of the lights on the bottom of the stairs but they will have a different reactiveness when a person steps on the landing.

Plain View:


Section View:


Riser Diagram: