Critical Objects: Final Project


This final piece for Critical Objects is a piece that deals with the concept of environmental impact caused by rapidly expanding travel and leisure industries as well as the short sighted nature of people in the way that they view aesthetically beautiful things and the harmful impact they have on them. More specifically the persistent attempts of these companies to develop in Northern Lake Tahoe and the people who help to perpetuate this attitude.

Local organizations such as Sierra Watch and Keep Tahoe Blue have made it their mission to protect the Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe from the various threats to the area. One such threat, that I am focusing on, is KSL Capital Partners. KSL purchased Squaw Valley in 2010 thanks to many mishaps in Placer County board approval of real estate development in the area. KSL then began to plan a massive development that would drastically change the region in terms of congestion, environmental pollution, and degredation of the natural landscape for leisure development.

Along with large companies causing damage, individuals can cause these environmental issues as well. One such example is the recent poppy super bloom in California in which many people are visiting to take photos of. In doing so many of these people are destroying the poppies by stepping on them.

The piece that I have created is focused on the the immediate aesthetic appeal that is caused by many of these situations. For example the people who take photos of themselves in the poppies do so, much of the time, while knowing they are harming the flowers. To them the immediate aesthetic enjoyability is more important than the long term preservation of this environment. I believe that this concept translates to what is going on in Lake Tahoe with KSL partners. Many of the people that will benefit from this expansion are those who are not local to Tahoe and only go for skiing vacations and other leisure activities.


Topic: Expansion of Lake Tahoe/disrupting nature and the short sightedness of humans.

Attribute: disruptive

Device: Metaphor

Mood: confusion


PDLC Film x

No Acrylic


This piece takes the form of a body of water, in this case meant to be representative of Lake Tahoe. When a person goes to view the tank they are recognized and a dark liquid is then poured into the tank. The longer the person looks at the tank the longer the liquid will pour into it. The person is made aware that the liquid is not good for the water but it creates an interesting dispersion effect that is enjoyable to watch. The criticality conveyed is that people have the choice to enjoy immediately interesting and positive aspects of things but need to accept that in some instances that process is more destructive than letting these processes or environments be left alone.