Deep Web: Reflections on the functions and quality of light

For this assignment I decided to analyze the functions and qualities of light of the kinetic audio visual installation and performance: Deep Web, by the design studio, WhiteVoid.


The composition of the installation can be broken down to a few different structures. The main two being the large led bulb system hanging above the viewers. This system moves in various synchronous patterns while being pointed to by the second structure. The second being laser arrays on the side of the room which direct their beams at the led bulbs and change color and direction reactively to the score.


As the installation is hanging above the crowd it allows for unique perspectives of viewing from different locations throughout the large venue. I imagine being underneath the piece while it is moving and focusing on the bulbs to be hypnotizing in its’ own way and if you move the the edge of the piece there is an entirely different perspective achieved from the piece.


Deep Web is modeled in a way that seems as thought it would make sense to be immediately below it but then really moving around and seeing other perspectives of the piece allow the viewer to have a fuller view and appreciation of it.


The audiences attention is focused above them the entire time. With it constantly being redirected from the moving led array to the lasers flashing and moving. I can imagine this having the added effect of allowing people to fully immerse themselves in the piece easier than if they were looking horizontally in front of them.


For me the mood of the piece from the light’s perspective has to do with the narrative of the piece. It begins in a very minimalistic way and then progresses into more extravagant displays over the course of the performance. From this the mood is able to change in intensity and lightness. Adding the audio element into the piece adds to the overall mood and atmosphere of the piece.