Live Image Processing Final Proposal

For the final LIPP show Anna and I will be working together to create a performance that takes on the idea of digitization of humanity and how this could look in an alternative and or futuristic universe. Techniques covered for the performance will range from GL, face meshes, pre recorded and live microscope feeds, and audio manipulation.

The concept is a combination of concepts ranging from organic matter taking on and metamorphosing it into a digital presence to artificial intelligence and how these systems are becoming increasingly humanlike.

Below are a few examples of visual styles we are going to try to incorporate into the piece.

The Performance is broken up into four acts:

Act I:

1. Morgan and Anna both at table in middle.

2. Computer Voice: “Baseline test has now begun” (something similar signifying test on organic life has taken place).

3. Morgan taking samples from both himself and Anna. Anna helping hand him petri dishes, etc.

4. Max visuals of organic life in petri dishes on projector.

Act II:

1. Start of distortion in cells (shown through visuals on screen).

2. Computer Voice: “Anomaly Detected”.

3. Cell distortion continues & increases.

4. Narrative Baseline test of repeating words, answering questions between Morgan and Anna with both of them saying different answers. Audience is unsure of which one is the anomaly (or which answer is the right one to the test).

Act III:

1. Computer says one of them did not pass test (reword later).

2. Computer Voice: “Warning, infected subject is highly contagious”.

3. Fade out of microscope (cell) visuals.

4. Anna and Morgan’s face side by side on each screen. No distortions yet.

5. Anna and Morgan’s face both start to distort (openGL face mesh, and other manipulation techniques).

Act IV:

1. Anna and Morgan's Face start to merge together and distort into one abstract entity.

2. Abstract form/shapes show up on the screen (shaders).

3. Computer Voice: saying something about test being resolved. (the abnormal/non human won).

4. END.