DMX Driven LEDs

For this Big LEDs assignment we were put in groups of three and given instructions to use the leDMX4 pro, Meanwell power supply, and madmapper to drive a roll of LED tape in whatever configuration we wanted. Kemi, Adrian, and I worked together to complete this.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 5.32.23 PM.png

We decided to arrange the LED strip into a bowl and diffuse it with an interesting material to see what type of effect we would get.

We ran into a few different issues when doing the initial setup of the dmx controller and connecting it to madmapper. The overall issue was getting it to connect to the computer’s network. After trying a few different dongles and converters we were able to get it to work using an ethernet to thunderbolt adapter. The rest of the process was fairly easy and straightforward.

Overall I felt like this assignment gave me a good intro to DMX and its’ versatility in controlling lighting elements.