Creating an Image out of physical pixels

For the first assignment we were required to create an image using “physical pixels," preferably not using a computer or other digital technologies.

When I began thinking about this assignment I started by thinking of Jackson Pollock like painting and using a material that would allow for a more abstract image. From this idea I decided to use spices from my kitchen to make the image.

Below are the spices and final image I created.


Using a teaspoon and glue I spread each spice out and then shook the paper out. After doing this a few times I realized that I didn’t really like the outcome of the piece and knew that I wanted to try something else.

I decided to try to use cheerios to trace over a preexisting image. Each single cheerio would act as an individual pixel in this case. I chose a vector image of Andy Warhol to trace over.

I honestly didn’t like the way this image came out even more than the one I made with spices. Working with the cheerios wasn’t easy and I had to cut a lot of them to get a somewhat correct image representations. The fact that I had to cut the cheerios kind of takes away from the idea that each represented a pixel but oh well.

If nothing else this assignment reinforced the idea that it is difficult to make work one “pixel” at a time.