Additions to Playback System

This week I wanted to get deeper into using newer objects and seeing if I could work to create glitchy distortion effects. At this point I want to try to push myself to understand why certain effects and objects create such alarming visuals to try to work backwards so that I can subtly bring in these types of visuals in a less immediately jarring way during my performances.

At this point, I think the things I am struggling with the most is keeping track of why objects are having certain effects when I implement them farther down the patch. For example, the more complex my patch has become the less I understand why adding a certain effect, that I think should cause a video to be manipulated in one way, causes something unexpected and confusing. That along with just keeping track of the data in a way that I can remember how to make sure I’m not missing planes etc. These seem like they will take time so I’m just enjoying the learning process.

For my performance I’ve been thinking about the phrase "I am” and how it relates to the way I have been feeling since starting ITP. The way I have defined myself or just thought about who I am over the past few years seems to be changing constantly and over the past few months even more so. I’m not sure how I would convey that through the performance or even if it would be right for the performance but it’s something I’ve been thinking about. I also like the idea of just manipulating a bunch of videos/photo headshots I’ve taken of people.

My patch was broken up into three main parts. The middle and right parts was a modified version of what I had done last week. Modified by adding in msp signals and cleaning up a few of the less optimized areas.

The leftmost section was new. The idea was to make a sort of jumpy glitch effect that I could overlay between recorded video and screen caps of myself. I found a page online that showed how to make a nice glitch effect but I honestly didn’t understand most of what was going on so I broke it down and spend some time figuring it out piece by piece. I’m still not totally sure what is happening in it but I figured out enough to make my own frankenstein version. Finally I took all the patches and made a presentation mode overlay so I could work with them and blend them.