Thoughts on Chelsea Gallery Viewing

Of all the galleries visited this week, Paul Stephen Benjamin’s Pure, Very, New struck me the most. More specifically the portraits that he shot of people and then printed on an extremely black paper. At first glance the photos look like a textured paper but upon further inspection you begin to notice the shapes of the subject. As I approached the pieces I was able to see how detailed the subjects were. From the textures of their skin to the detail of their facial expressions. It took me a few minutes to take in the pieces and it really made me question the process he went through to obtain the pieces.

It really took me being there in person to be able to appreciate those pieces. Something about them is lost without seeing them in that form. I felt that way with a majority of this exhibition though. The mixture of black lights, single channel tvs, and less technological art gave it a flow that I found hard to describe.

I found myself comparing this exhibit to the Borders exhibit at the James Cohan Gallery. Something about the contrast between seeing artworks dealing with violence, humanity, and social issues and then comparing them to those black large scale paintings, which made me think of black holes, gave off a feeling of endless trouble and problems for society.