Trash City Storyboard Synopsis

Team: Jenny, Morgan, & Eva

General Synopsis:

For our storyboard, we decided to send a message about how important it is to properly throw away trash and recycle. Our story will follow a couple on a date through New York City.  On their way, they experience gradually worse examples of people not caring about how they remove their trash. The film will begin with scenic images of the couple sitting in places like the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Prospect Park.  Then they will witness someone eating and tossing wrappers and food on the ground. They are bothered by this but choose to ignore them and continue on their date. The scenery gradually changes from beautiful images of the city to trash-filled examples of the city. Their date ends at trash-filled stoop.  They have to climb up their stoop over the piles of trash. As they climb, the film rewinds to the scene of the person dropping wrappers on the floor. This time the couple confronts this person and asks them to put their trash into a receptacle. The film ends with a message on the screen about our future and the importance of getting rid of trash properly.


For this project we each decided that it was important to make something impactful but also had elements of satire and implemented enjoyable stylistic elements. Having the couple spend their day in South Brooklyn areas like seemed fitting as the area has a contrast up upscale neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights, and areas that are in the process of changing and being cleaned up, like Gowanus.

Below are the shots used for each scene. Focusing on simple shots that highlight the deterioration of the environment around the characters is important for this piece. The shots, and scenes also need to have a visual appeal that makes the snowball effect of the trash have the satirical impact desired by the piece.


  1. long shot over Brooklyn Bridge Park

  2. Long Shot in Prospect Park

  3. Medium shot in front of restaurant

  4. Over the shoulder shot of person throwing trash on the street

  5. Follow Shot of people walking home

  6. Close up shot of people talking to the camera

  7. Camera pans 180 degrees from close up shot to medium shot of old building

  8. Close up shot of coffee

  9. Low angle Close up shot of people with coffee

  10. Long high angle shot of Gowanus Canal

  11. Close up shot of pidgeons

  12. Medium low angle shot in front of home

  13. Low angle shot of stoop

  14. Rewind edited

  15. Close up shot of person throwing trash away