Boarding Pass Redesign and Expressive Words

Initial Re-design

After a week spent going over typography and its wide range of purposes in design we were tasked with re-designing the boarding pass for Delta Airlines shown below.

Original boarding pass

Original boarding pass

The original boarding pass is extremely cluttered and hard to navigate. My thought process in the new design was to prioritize information based on user perspective. The most important factors seemed to be the boarding time, gate number, and departure time for. If the person flying was to take a quick glance at the pass they should be able to see all the information they need in a few seconds. Other important factors to consider were for the person checking the pass. It needed to be clear that the information on that pass matched the flyer’s ID and be able to scan the pass with ease. Below is the design I came up with.

Re-designed Boarding Pass

Re-designed Boarding Pass

In terms of typography i decided to use Din for all of the non graphical font as it had the best feel with the purpose of the ticket. I also decided to use different font sizes to highlight parts of the ticket that were more important. I also decided to lay the information out in columns to give the pass a more uniform feel.

Expressive Words

The next part of the homework was to create three different expressive word designs. My lack of illustrator skills caused me some setbacks with a few of the ideas I had in mind initially but each of the three designs I created expresses each of the words I chose.


The first word I chose was signal. My thinking behind making the word wavy was that the word signal reminds me of sinusoidal signals. So as best I could I attempted to make a sinusoidalish shape with the word.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 12.14.51 AM.png

The next word I chose was eye. After spending time playing around with words I drew a couple of dots in the word eye and and thought it was a bit comedic that the letter y looked like a nose in the middle and gave the word a sort of facial feature.


The last word I chose was RIPPLE. I decided to have the word be mirrored and then have the mirror have a sort of ripple effect on it, kind of like it was looking at a reflection of itself in the water and a pebble was dropped into the water.

This exercise highlighted my limited skill with photoshop and illustrator but it also had me thinking about words and how people think about words and symbols that represent them.