Video and Sound (East Village Poetry Walk)s

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After the first Video and Sound class, I decided that I would go through the East Village Poetry Walk, narrated by Jim Jarmusch and a wide range of poets. This particular walk struck a cord with me due to my minor infatuation with the east village and lower east side’s diverse history. The idea that places I have eaten, drank, and walked by numerous times had, at one point, been the hang outs of great writers, poets, and musicians is something that makes the village seem like it transcends time. Even if the places they had written are gone, the locations that that they had those ideas were still alive and could give inspiration to new people looking for it. Most of all, the walk taught me new things about an area I have spent many hours in and gave me new historical information and facts that can help change perspectives about NYC.

Map of the East Village poetry walk

Map of the East Village poetry walk

After the walk, I began working with my team to figure out a narrative for our own sound walk. We went through a list of possibilities and finally settled on a narrative that we felt would be interesting to the listener. After planning out the locations, characters, and sounds we began to record using the Zoom recorder. The recording process was difficult due to a wide variety of external noises that caused problems with each audio piece. After multiple takes of each sound bite we felt that we had recorded enough that we were happy with.

You can listen to the sounds clips here