My Interest in Computation

For me, computation relates to my interest in a variety of ways. Having worked with Non profits and Mission Driven organizations I believe that computation can help to make a positive impact on the world. I also believe that computation can help people become more aware of injustice going on in the world on both global and local scales. On a different note my love of visual media and art has brought me to learn about the seemingly endless possibilities of art and media that will cause people to think differently and more progressively.

This term I hope to make projects that push my own creativity but also help me to think about the ways media and computing can be used to positively affect people.

A few projects I love that ended up being integral in me ending up at ITP:

The first is by Jer Thorpe, in which he developed the algorithm used to place the names on the 9/11 Memorial using processing. After reading about the algorithm and the reasoning behind it, I realized that I had no idea that computation could be used in design like that.

Another project that showed me how creative computing could produce social change, or at least help people think differently and be more aware of how technology can be used was by a few ITP alumni. The project called “The Outrage Machine” was an examination of mass surveillance. The piece was just as much performance art and political statement as it was computation which made me begin to think of work I could create in a similar vein.