Computational Media Project Proposals

Project 1: Google and Me

Heat map of locations I have visited

Heat map of locations I have visited

My first ICM final project idea has to do with Google’s location data that has been collected from me for the past two years. Every month I receive an email from them listing out the places I have been that month along with other location based information.

The idea for my project is to take this data and create a narrative from my personal data. The narrative could be counterfactual or more game like but I would like it to be thought provoking in in the way people look at their digital selves vs. their physical selves.

Conceptually, I’m not totally sure of the direction to take this idea and whether to make it purely data based or add other levels of interactivity and visuality. I think that adding a video element to this piece could add an interesting effect.

A few pieces of inspiration for this idea are this map by Vincze Istvan tracing places visited and this article about reading Google’s Location JSON files.

Project 2: Prison Reform and Post-Release Visualizations

My second ICM final project proposal is to create an interactive map to highlight key statistics about Prisoners and recently released inmates in The USA. Inspiration for this project was largely taken from ITP Graduate, Rebecca Ricks’s project dealing with Internet Freedom in the Arab World.

Having worked in the Prison Reform Industry, I would like to explore the efforts the industry have made and whether the impact has been as effective as expected.

A few concerns I have with this project are a lack of available data relevant to the thesis of the piece. After some research it seems that a majority of the available data does not go in depth enough to make this project accurate. The larger concern is that with the time available and the amount of research I must do I’m not sure that I could become fluent enough or knowledgable enough about the details and dynamics of this topic to make a fair case and avoid ignorant mistakes.