Initial Final Project Ideas

Meaning vs. Technical Process

I have been thinking a lot about possible ideas for the final Physical Computing project. Creating something interesting to me that properly meets criteria for the class and is scalable to a possible Winter Show project has been difficult. Below are a few ideas for final projects. Each idea ranges in scope and sentiment behind. None of them are fully thought through and are still rough ideas at the least I think that there may be something in one or two of them that I can work with.


For a while I have been thinking about taking my experience working in prison reform and what I have learned from that field and making a project that involves data about problems in the corrections world. My thoughts for this would either be a somewhat immersive interaction between the user and a manufactured space or a physical visualization of issues with the corrections world through a map and other visual cues.


The second idea I’ve been thinking about involves googles location tracking services. More so that every month I receive an email from google that gives a full breakdown of places I have visited, Miles walked, and more. When I have looked through these emails I’ve noticed that seeing the places on the map linked in the email bring back memories of when I visited those places. Whether it be where I had a date or hung out with friends.

Thinking about this made me realize that my digital self, or the version of me that google remembers doesn’t carry those memories. But at the same time it could be distorting memories and feelings of the places it shows. So my idea would be to push forward with how our digital worlds affect our physical selves. This wouldn’t be in dystopian type way but more in how feelings and emotions are easily manipulated by shoing this data and information


The final idea is more of a piece on introspection and how people really understand each other. I’m not totally sure which direction I would want to take this in but I will update when I am sure.