Compositions in Color

This week’s Visual Language assignment required students to, first, choose a color palette that represents them and then use that color palette in six compositions. As I began brainstorming the project I knew that I wanted to use visual imagery to choose my color palette.

I also decided that I wanted the palette to have a personal connection to me so I decided to choose from my photography portfolio. I decided to use a series of photos from my travels in Portugal and Southern Spain. The light tones and pastel colors are some of my favorite in Europe and bring back memories of my travels in that area. Below are a few photos that I added color palettes to.

34950002 (1)-Recovered.jpg

I decided to use the color palette from the fourth photo.

the first few compositions I created came from the idea that this color palette is not common to see in large American cities or just in America in general. That being so, I decided to manipulate two photos from the Pacific Northwest and one photo of NYC to add this Southern Portuguese color scheme to.

Cannon Beach Scene

Cannon Beach Scene

Hood Valley_edited.jpg

Hood River Valley



The next set of compositions I created were inspired by Spanish Artist Eusebio Sempere. I had discovered his work after visiting the Museo de Reina Sofia in Madrid earlier this year.

Eusebio Sempere influence.jpg
my picasso.jpg

My final composition is a modified piece I created for Computational Media. The piece itself is a parabolic graphic inspired by American Computer Graphics Artist John Whitney. I added my color palette to it and found it quite enjoyable to view.

This assignment opened me up creatively to the use of color and how a certain palette can influence a piece of artwork.