Connecting P5 with Arduino


This week in PCOMP we covered basic serial communication and how to connect p5.js with Arduino. The labs had us setting up the serial communication protocols and interfaces that we will be using throughout the rest of the semester. This meant downloading the serial controller app and using the github repository for porting the arduino code that was written by Shawn Van Every. the use of serial communication in this way creates a whole new range of possibilities for using both Arduino and Pt.

After the initial labs, the homework was to make a serial application that controls an animation project using analog inputs. I decided to control one of my more recent ICM homework assignments using a couple of potentiometers.

Here is a link to the original assignment.

I decided to have the potentiometers change different portions of the sinusoids, the opacity of the lines being drawn, and when in combination, the direction of the rotation.

Below are a few videos showing the animation with analog controls.

this assignment was a good introduction to the basics of serial communication between the two platforms.

Midterm Project Status

For our midterm project, Zhe and I are building a Haunted window interaction. the premise of the interaction will be that a user walks up to the window and sees a closed curtain. The curtain will then open, partially, and a light will turn on in the middle of the apparatus. Some more events that are not completely defined will come after. Below is a mockup of the window apparatus and sketch of display.