Design of Personal Business Card

The final project for Visual Language was to design a personal business card. It was important to keep all of the design elements we learned over the semester in mind for the design. While we were going over the criteria for the assignment I knew that I wanted to keep the design simple and minimal. For me, this meant using only one main color and the logo I designed for my website last year.

Here is the logo:

MM logo Black.png

I wanted to incorporate a color from one of the color palettes that I created a few weeks ago and ended up on a paster blue/greenish color I saw all over Portugal. As far as the other design elements went, I got inspiration from a lot of different designs on pinterest and just searching the web.

Below is the front side of the card:


I chose Futura for the text and wanted to have both portions be offset to the corners. I initially wanted the design to just have a circle surrounding the logo and then nothing on the other side of the card besides the text but it felt wrong. Jenny Lin helped me to play with the circle and make the whole layout a bit more interesting and appealing to the eye.

In all honesty I still want to work with the overall design. I think that this is more of a first iteration of the whole card that I will improve upon as my design skills increase.