Trash Crisis (Final Movie)

After three weeks of filming, re-filming, editing, voiceover work and other tweaks the Final Video and Sound Movie is complete! The team( Eva Jenny, and myself) went through the full spectrum of loving and hating the project before its completion But here it is!

The movie’s plot stayed the same to that of the initial storyboard with some tweaking to shots and addition of some extra factors. The plot was that a young couple would be going on a date around Brooklyn and then as they’re eating at a cafe, they watch a person throw trash on the ground but they don’t do anything about it. After this there is a comical spiral of events involving trash until the climax.

For the video, each of us took turns in the major roles and had a say in the creative direction of the piece. Jenny and Eva agreed to be the couple for the film which was great. Jenny was also the main editor for the piece, Eva did a majority of the creative direction, and I did the videography and a lot of the site planning.

The issues that the team ran into were largely logistical. Since the concept for the movie required shooting in multiple outdoor locations in Brooklyn, that meant we had to plan the shooting schedule well enough to budget for any problems that could arrive. It turned out that we didn’t do an amazing job at that, weather was also a factor, so we had to spend two more days than planned shooting the movie.

There was a lot of worry about the plot and making sure that the story came across the way we intended it to. A lot of our worries were able to be fixed in post. On top of this though, I learned how important it is to do multiple takes from different angles. I spent some time beating myself up for not doing enough takes at a few of the spots or taking shots from areas that would change the perspective. But you live and you learn and I’m glad the process happened and I’m quite happy with the result.

As a bonus. Here are a few photos of us recording and listening to the voiceover: